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Sound Absorption

MeliCon - Metallic Lightweight Construction

SilentMetal - Pulsation damper

SilentMetal is a new metallic wire mesh laminate and developed especially for sound absorbtion applications. Just in fast gas flow conditions like they are exist in inlet- and outlet ducts of turbines and compressors SilentMetal shows its unique and outstanding performance to damp the sound waves efficiently.

For the connection of the different wire mesh layers a new welding process was developed and established. The wire mesh laminate will be bended round afterwards and welded along the longitudinal seam. the length and the diameter can be selected free according to the customers request, Depending to the material of the wire mesh, the constant working temperature can be
elevated up to 800° C (1300°F).

In combination with a flow channel with its reverberant back wall, SilentMetal operates as abroadband sound absorber up to 100% efficiency. Within the defined interspace of the wiremesh laminate, the sound energy is transformed into heat energy by friction of the gasmolecules. The distance between the backwall and the SilentMetal defines the frequency of themaximum sound absorbtion.

SilentMetal is a suitable liner within in mufflers for the sound absorbtion of gas turbines, aircompressors and other turbo engines. SilentMetal was successfuly tested in the turbines 2006as a sound absorber for screw type compressor and is now a standard production application therefore.


SilentStructure combines the low weight honeycomb structure with the high effective soun absorbing properties of SilentMetal. It was designed to provide best sound absorbing behaviours featuring the mechanical stiffness of a structural part in a wide range of temperatures and climate conditions.

The noise absorbing active side of SilentStructure operates a viscous damper for the air particles and the rear panel is used as a reflecting back plate.

Due to the material of either Titanium- or stainless-alloys SilentStructure can be used in a wide temperature range and is non corrosive.

Typical applicatios include slide tube silencers downstream of butterfly valves and radial/axial compressors, such as those used in the gas industry /SMG). SilentStrucure silencers are used successfully in the basic chemical industry, (e.g. Acetylen, CO₂, CO) by centrifugal compressors escpecially in the compression of process gases.

Special features:

  • purely metallic construction, no mineral fibers, or foams, therefore no contamination of the process gases
  • easy construction
  • easy to maintain
  • high sound absurbtion potential
  • high operation temperatures >600°C