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MeliCon - Metallic Lightweight Construction

Hot gas filter systems

Based on the metallic hot gas filter MeliPlate LT und HT developes, designs and constructs hot gas filter systems according to customer requirements.

A key component of our filter systems are filter candles, which are specified for each individual case. The plants are planned in close cooperation with our customers and will be realised as a Turn Key Project.

The focus of our hot gas filter systems refers to the temperature range of 250°C – 800°C and a volume flow rate up to 1000 >Nm³/h.

We deliver filter elements as replacement for existing plants and we help our customers withusing the plants and up-scaling to higher gas temperatures. This also includes engineeringdeliverables in order to improve the energy efficiency.

Typical applications of the hot gas filter systems are in the basic industry, the chemical industryand also in processing of contaminated dangerous waste. A special focus is the filtration of hotgases behind a gasification process, e.g. plastic, sewage sludge, wood, residues of the refining of crude oil.

Your advantages:

  • customer-specific solutions to applications > 250°C
  • high filter life through optimized material selection
  • no additional false air for gas cooling
  • improved use of clean gas enthalpy
  • cleaning method optimized for metallic filters engineering, filter production, mounting und documentation in one hand

With more than 10 years of experience in the hot gas filtration, we can assist you with the process and solution of your project.